What are the benefits of treadmill running indoors?

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There are many benefits to treadmill running indoors. I believe most people run on a treadmill because of the weather conditions that they may face outdoors such as heavy rain, extreme heat and humidity and snow. Running on a treadmill allows you the comforts of a temperature controlled environment and relieves you of the worry of overdressing or under dressing to accommodate whatever weather conditions may be outside your door.

It is also very convenient as you never need to leave your home or find a babysitter, and it doesn't matter if you run in the morning, afternoon or evening. One of the other reasons treadmill running has become popular is because it is easier on the body than running on the outdoor terrain. If you are training for an event you can simulate race course, race course conditions and control your own pace with a touch of a button.

If you don't have anyone else to run with, it is definitely a safer alternative than running alone outside. My favorite benefits is that you can multitask. Treadmill running allows you the flexibility of watching television, reading a book or magazine or safely using headphones to crank out your favorite tunes. Treadmill running also can beat the boredom you may encounter, especially if training for an event, as it allows you all these benefits that you just can't get from outdoor running.

Even though treadmill running allows for all of these great benefits, it is important to avoid common treadmill running mistakes. The two most important things to remember are warming up and cooling down. When treadmill running indoors you should remember to allow for 5-10 minutes of warming up before moving to challenging paces or inclines and cooling down after to avoid dizziness or instability after getting off of the treadmill.

Another mistake treadmill runners make is changing their form and over striding to compensate for their change in form. To avoid this common mistake a runner should run with their natural stride and avoid taking small, short choppy strides that can negate the benefit of the run itself and cause harm rather than help. A runner can also not exercise hard enough and should avoid becoming comfortable with the same old routine and remember to mix it up a bit and do different types of work-outs while treadmill running.

The bottom line to treadmill running is using the same amount of effort and not changing your form when running on a treadmill instead of outdoors. If you can remember these two important keys to treadmill running, your indoor running experience will not only be beneficial but allow for a much greater amount of flexibility and alternatives to your normal everyday running routine.

As long as you are exerting the same amount of effort and not changing your form you will get the same benefit from treadmill running as running outdoors. Thus, treadmill running can offer the same benefits to a runner as outdoor running if this is the option you choose to "exercise".

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