How, you may be wondering, can I survive running on a treadmill without dying of boredom?

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The treadmill. Just seeing that word in print made your stomach sink, right? It's not not called "The Dreadmill" for nothing! But never fear, today I'm going to show you how to survive running a quick and easy thirty minute on this medieval hamster torture device without rueing the day you were born afterward.

First things first, boredom is the mindkiller. Let me repeat that so you really understand it: Boredom. Is. The. Mindkiller. How, you may be wondering, can I survive running on a treadmill without dying of boredom? You cannot manage thirty minutes, much less five, on a treadmill without sufficient entertainment. What kind of entertainment, you ask? A-ha! I thought you would never ask. Two words: smart phone. If I'm allowed to add a word, then I have another that will change your life. I could vouch for days the wonders of something called "Netflix". (Really, though, any streaming program app will be fine!) Make sure you have your favorite show lined up in anticipation of your next run. My advice? Keep that show special -- you are forbade to watch it when you're not running! You are only allowed to watch that show when you run. That way, you have incentive to knock out that run and you get to frame it as a half hour of entertainment instead of thirty grueling minutes of agony. This is your half hour that you're setting side for yourself. You want to finish your run refreshed and happy, not drained and annoyed, right?

Next thing to keep in mind is comfort. Many people argue that using a treadmill for running is far more uncomfortable than running outside. Some insist that it's easier. I fall somewhere in the middle. To me, the convenience of being close to my own home (and near my bathroom, let's be honest here!) and being fully engaged in a show outweighs all the percieved negatives of running on your treadmill. So how do you stay comfortable for the next thirty minutes while running on a treadmill? First things first, you want to make sure to keep your clothes light, wicking, and breathable. I personally love to run in old race tee-shirts, since they tend to be of a wicking material and light weight. You don't need expensive compression leggings, either. Some simple basketball shorts or running shorts from a general retailer works fine. I find that leggings tend to overheat me, anyway, and always reach for the same comfortable wicking shorts that I always wear. Another thing to keep in mind is how stuffy your exercise room can be when running on your treadmill. You definitely want to make sure you keep your room airy and cool. Since you're running indoors, you don't have the advantage of a circulating breeze to cool you down. I like to keep a oscillating fan directly in front of me to help lower my core temperature and turn sweat into comfort.

Lastly, make sure you keep water and other necessary provisions nearby. I always like to sip a glass of cool, but not cold, water in the half hour leading up to my run. This helps hydrate me and keep me from overheating as I run on my treadmill. It doesn't hurt to have a bottle nearby as you run, as well. Sometimes a thirty-second to a minute break in the middle of a run to take a quick sip and catch your breath is all you need to regain your mental composure and push through the last few minutes of your run.

Going on a run on treadmill won't always be easy, and it certainly won't always be fun, but using these simple tips can make it a whole lot less painful, miserable, and hey -- you may find that you (gasp!) even find it enjoyable!

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