What is a good Running Motivation Guide?

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Oftentimes we set out to do something but it just doesn't get done. Life gets in the way- work, dinner, doctor's appointments, taxes, laundry, and a million other things which work against our intentions to run or jog. You might find yourself asking: How can I possibly run when I have all of these other things going on in my life? Or maybe I need a running motivation guide in order to set me on track?

Before you give up on running, lets take a look at your day: what is really happening? Is your day really that busy that thirty minutes cannot be set aside in the morning, noon or night to go for a jog? Is it that you have a plethora or chores or do you just lack the motivation to run? Or have you just stopped making time for yourself? I think , and I feel you will agree, that most people have found a way around running: they have stopped prioritizing their health and they have stopped setting aside time for themselves. Our lives have become busy because we have allowed them to. Running can fix that.

Running is a release. A proven stress reliever, it had even been shown to cure mild depression. In fact, I know I usually run my best at times when I am angry or frustrated- running releases endorphins and helps me work out my aggression. It can be a quiet time which you use for reflection, a half hour in the morning where you can commune with yourself and the open road. Your children are still in bed, work is still distant, and here, by yourself, you are doing something for yourself.

Running will allow you a break from the rush of your job and other commitments, it will allow you time to think about your day and come to peace with what is in store for you. Besides this, running can teach you patience and belief in yourself- two traits which will translate back into your drum of daily life once your run is complete. Hopefully running will become apart of your daily ritual- a part of the day which is totally yours.

If time alone is not a large enough motivator to get you out there, hitting the pavement, consider all of the health benefits of running. Many studies have shown that running can reduce your chances of everything from the common cold to depression or cancer. Running aides the flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body, builds new muscle and burns fat. Obviously weight loss is one of the main reasons people begin running, but after your have lost whatever amount of weight you set out to loose you should consider sticking with your program and enjoying continued or improved endurance, lowered blood pressure, a stronger heart and an improved immune system.

You don't need a running motivation guide. You don't even need to set goals or sign up for races-- All you really need is to realize how beneficial it is both to be active and reserve time for yourself through running. Now get out there and run- and get hooked!

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