What is the best way to lose weight with running?

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One of the very best fat loss methods is to lose weight with running. Running is a great cardiovascular exercise to begin with, but when done the right way, it can be used to turn your body into a fat burning machine! It doesn't matter if you enjoy running outside or inside on a treadmill, there are certain changes you can make to your running routine and you will see new weight loss results in no time. By adding running intervals and inclines to your running, you can shed excess fat or even break through your weight loss plateau.

First things first for new runners, you should build up a little stamina and endurance before super charging a routine. You will lose weight with running from the beginning just by getting started, as you are burning more calories and fat than you have in the past without exercise. Start off running at a pace that is comfortable for your body, it may not even feel natural at first, but in just a few running sessions your body will begin to adjust. You may even start to like it!

As you begin to get familiar with how running feels for your body and what you are comfortable with, you will then want to start adding more to your running. Add a little more each day or each week. For instance, if you start out just running one mile every day, add 10% to your run every week until you are able to run for 3 miles without stopping. This is a good first time goal. By this time you will have shed some excess weight if your daily diet has stayed the same, but you will have shed a lot more weight if you have made healthy changes to your diet in conjunction with your added running.

From this point, you can change your goal depending on your personal desires. If you are training for a specific distance, maybe you have a goal to run your first 10K, you can simply add more distance to your run each week until you get to at least 4 or 5 miles daily. With your body being used to running this distance, a 10K would be no problem.

If you really want to blast the fat, there are some options you can make to your normal daily running routine to really help you lose weight with running. This is by adding incline or intervals to your run. Adding just a 1% incline can boost fat burning but to get the most fat burn out of your running routine, do running intervals. You can pick your interval length by your own preference, intervals can be anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes in length.

Perform your regular running routine every other time you run, and on the opposite run days perform either run / walk intervals or sprint / run intervals based on your endurance levels and your preference. A typical interval run would start out with about a 3 - 7 minute warm up, followed by 20 - 40 minutes of intervals. If you chose run / walk intervals, you run for your first 90 second interval and walk for a 90 second interval. If you chose sprint / run intervals, you sprint for 60 seconds and run comfortably for 60 seconds. Your routine would end with a 2 - 5 minute cool down.

The objective is to spike your heart rate up to where you feel a challenge, and then let your heart rate come back down. Essentially, this is burning more calories during your workout and creating an afterburn affect where you burn more calories and fat even after your workout is done. This is one of the most effective ways to lose weight with running. You will see results quickly and enjoy a healthier you!

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